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As the Starks like to mention: “Winter is coming”. You can feel it in the cold breeze. Feels exactly like the sentence. It has this cold undertone, the fresh harsh smell that  signs summer is completely and utterly gone. I love autumn though, it’s a beautiful colourful season and even more I like to wrap my neck in something warm and soft, the bigger the better:)

MANGO came up with some very pretty checked scarfs in their collection (my neck says he needs one or two…*caugh caugh*). What do you think?


Zima pomaličku, ale jistě přichází, a s ní i chuť se zachumlat do něčeho hebkého a velkého:) Nová kolekce MANGA obsahuje spoustu nádherných kostkovaných šál, co říkáte?










Inspiration from the street how to wear them?


Inspirace z ulice jak je nosit?



Checked scarf Checked Scarf model 1 CheckedScarfModel2 CheckedScarfModel3 checkedscarfmodel5 checkedscarfmodel6

Source: Myramadeleine, The Glitter Gide, Alacey Perspective, Pinterest, Atlantic Pacific

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