21 days of positivity – Day 1

I guess I am like the last person on Internet but who cares – today I saw very funny and also really motivational TED talk from Shawn Acor – The happy secret to better work .
It really got me thinking, how much time per day do I spend thinking about things that I am grateful for?
Do I approach stress situations with positivity? Am I aware of my strengths? Do I do acts of kindness often?

I have decided to take Shawns advice and I will “be grateful” for 21 days starting today, to test this positive approach on myself.

So what am I greatful for (this should cover last 24 hours).

  • I am grateful for the lovely relationship I have with my mom, she is like a best friend to me
  • I am grateful for being able to just go and buy shoes without needing to count money
  • I am grateful my friend got her dream internship in the city she loves
What are you grateful for?
Marketa 21 days of positivity – Day 1

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