Well isn’t this funny

Well isn’t this funny?
Looking back at my previous post, not only I didn’t buy any of the featured pieces, but I don’t even like them that much anymore. I bet I wouldn’t even buy them anymore. But never say never. In sales. Especially in sales. I have been doing a pretty good job trying to avoid them, but truth to be told I am patiently waiting for these other rounds of sales, so i can be searching for some more interesting deals:)

But those deals are very tricky, because the low price is clouding your “closet sustanibility judgement” and we tend to buy things, that are perhaps very trendy at the moment, but most likely wont be the next season and they will stay in the back of the closet until sold on Ebay or otherwise.

But lets get to the real deal – what the heart (eyes) want/s!

Currently, I am madly in love with these slip-ons from Northstar, but I can’t really decide if I like better the electric or baby blue blue ones?


Marketa Well isn’t this funny

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