When the world changes

…we adapt.

Hello friends! So much has changed in the last few months. First of all, I hope everyone is safe and sound. As this blog slowly shifted its focus from fashion to travelling, it seems hard to find inspiration to put words together for a new article. In March I was planning or writing more posts about Portugal, as I was supposed to travel there for a wedding of my friends (which unfortunately had to be cancelled). In April, I was looking forward to wearing something orange and dance in the streets of Amsterdam experiencing the celebration of Kings Day for the first time. There were plans for a road trip around Europe and few dreams about exploring Asia, both feeling like fairytale at this point. What trips and plans did you have to cancel?

I love this saying:

“You wanna make God laugh? Tell him about your plans.”

So, how were these past two months for me? 

  • I learned how to work 100% remotely. I learned of the importance of a big monitor and of a good chair (which I don’t have 😀 )
  • Gained a few kilos during the first month
  • Started exercising almost every day after noticing that – yoga and HIIT at first, squash, cykling and hikes later on
  • Spent every possible weekend moment in nature. Missed two encounters with deers – damn, I am a slow and loud cyclist
  • Started playing Playstation VR games ( hey there fellow Beat Saber fans!)
  • Played way too many sessions of Fibbage and Quiplash (Perfektni!!) and laughed until my belly ached
  • Lost shamefully in a very well organized quiz (Hi Kirra!)
  • Took 10000 pictures of my cat
  • Missed so much my family and friends, but slowly I am able to see them <3
  • Finished couple of books – loved Upstream and Untethered Soul
  • Saw Prague city center empty, a sight that will probably never repeat
  • Found out we have some very weird neighbours in the building
  • Made my first knedliky (dumplings) and buchticky. Mom, I hope you are proud 😀

So I wonder – how would you sum up the last few months of your lives? Anything positive in those unexpected times?

P.S What the heck happened to Rick & Morty  ? 🙂

Marketa When the world changes


  1. Moc pekne napsano. Bohuzel i strasny automaticky preklad z anglictiny me neprinuti ucit se vice anglicky:(
    Ano, maminka je opravdu moc a moc hrda.

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