A year in Prague

When I started to type down my summary after half year spent in Prague, the words were jumping out of my pockets faster then I could press the keyboard buttons. …

Marketa A year in Prague
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Shopping detox – week 2

The weekends are critical. There was a annual market called Ona Dnes where hundreds of people sell out their closets and I chose not to torture myself with going there. …

Marketa Shopping detox – week 2

International Women’s day

Have you celebrated International Women’s day? Did your loved one bring you a flower, a chocolate or a small present maybe? We often forget WHY we celebrate what we celebrate, …

Marketa International Women’s day

In the natural garden

Since it’s co-co-cold and greyish outside….I really wanted to share these photos!;) This is another proud child of my parents. They managed to lovingly transform a garden neglected over 8 …

Marketa In the natural garden

Almost 30 and happy

Today it’s my 29th birthday and I am officially one step closer to the magical and for many scary number 30. Well, thinking back about it, when I was 15, …

Marketa Almost 30 and happy

Brňák v Praze

Krásný den:) Už je tomu téměř dva měsíce, co se blog přesunul do hlavního města. A jak se zarytému Brňákovi, který celý život tvrdil, že “Do Prahy teda nééé” žije v …

Marketa Brňák v Praze