International Women’s day

Have you celebrated International Women’s day? Did your loved one bring you a flower, a chocolate or a small present maybe?

We often forget WHY we celebrate what we celebrate, so let’s remind ourselves how this celebration of women came to be.

At this point, it is almost unimaginable, that women didn’t even have right to vote (even though certain member or European Parliament tends to disagree). Yet that was the reality that brought women to the streets in 1909 – to speak up about their basic rights – being able to hold public office, vote, or not to be  discriminated at work. It is believed the first strikes were attended by garmet workers, creepily enough until this day, these positions are extremely underpaid. It is unacceptable that while we are debating home offices and extra week of vacation in our warm chairs, women, men (and unfortunately children) all around the world are still being forced to work extreme hours, have no benefits whatsoever, and their pay is a disgrace.

We may feel like we can’t change it – but the power of an individual is still a powerful force. Every day we make a choice how we are going to live our lives, what we consume, what we purchase, how we treat the nature. It is within our conscience to try to be better people every day, and we can influence each other for the better. The information is at our fingertips, we just need to reach the hand:)

Marketa International Women’s day

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