Who makes your sunglasses

Hello hello people:) Today, i wanna talk sunglasses. You ask why? After watching Adams videos on sunglasses, I decided to research more about the monopoly leader in sunglasses business – …

Marketa Who makes your sunglasses

Baby it’s cold outside

Today it started snowing so much in Prague that the city suddenly began to look like a magical place you get to while walking through a wardrobe. I felt like a …

Marketa Baby it’s cold outside

Golden Globes 2017 best dressed

Who doesn’t love themselves a set of new red carpet dresses pictures. After all, that is where we all seek inspiration for our parties, balls, or weddings…:) Also, big congratulations …

Marketa Golden Globes 2017 best dressed

Chriss Pola

Bodies always seemed strange to me, a feeling probably influenced by my brief career as a gymnast when I was 6. My teens were rocked by the era of low …

Marketa Chriss Pola

In the natural garden

Since it’s co-co-cold and greyish outside….I really wanted to share these photos!;) This is another proud child of my parents. They managed to lovingly transform a garden neglected over 8 …

Marketa In the natural garden

Cocina Rivero

Have you ever dreamt of cooking in a kitchen where all the ingredients have already been prepared, where every time you sit down to eat what you have just cooked, …

Marketa Cocina Rivero